WOW! Another awesome Memorial weekend here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We and many families were able to attend our annual pilgrimage to Ocracoke Island for the long weekend. We enjoyed swimming, surfing, paddle boarding and hanging out together.  
I am constantly reminded of the incredible beauty found here and we love to share this with as many like minded people as possible. The Outer Banks is truly a special place and I am sure we will have many more joining our ranks since once again.
The "annual list" has confirmed that Cape Hatteras has moved back into the Top 5 best beaches in the United States! Of this respected coastal, scientific annual list, the beaches are evaluated on water and sand quality, as well as safety and management. Not only does Cape Hatteras seashore provide multitudes of exciting outdoor activities like fishing,
rich history
 as the first National Seashore,
shipwrecks, pirates and some of the best surfing on the East Coast. Yes, some of the best waves on the east coast and as Wilbur and Orville would attest, excellent wind for the wind sports (kiteboarding, windsurfing, kite flying).
Ocracoke Island is included in this beautifully, protected, National Seashore. This one of a kind natural beauty includes 16 miles of wild beaches, home to turtles, fish, over 400 species of birds, and other wildlife. 
 We thoroughly enjoyed the spectacular coast
 this weekend and cherish the times with family and friends more than all else. In the end its the memories that are created on these little vacations that are with us forever. Make some memories this summer with the ones you love!