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Selling your property on the Outer Banks

Marketing of the home begins before you sign the listing agreement.  Our complete marketing system maximizes your outer banks property's exposure to the largest group of qualified real estate investors, second home buyers or primary home buyers looking to buy outer banks real estate now.  Our advanced multi pronged marketing approach pulls buyers leads to our property listings.   Through our advertising, direct mail campaigns, magazine ads and work with our network of cooperating brokers. 

How we attract the most buyers

The buyers of today are quite different than when we started this journey in 1994, all it took was to sit in the office and wait for the person to walk in the door.  That has changed big time, according to NAR (National Association of REALTORS) today 94% of today's buyers start their property search on the internet and this equals millions of searches daily.  We have embraced this technology and invest in our ever changing technology we have leveraged our knowledge with the technology of the top home search websites (REALTOR.COM, TRULIA.COM, ZILLOW.COM and 50+ more) to maximize your property's exposure and promotion.  We invest heavily in the latest technologies and undergo constant training in social media and website marketing.  This proven marketing program consistently generates a large pools of buyers for our properties.  This is both targeted to specific homes and generalized to attract buyers looking for property in Southern Shores NC, Corolla NC, Duck NC, Kitty Hawk NC, Kill Devil Hills NC and Nags Head NC.   



We work to create a specific and customized marketing plan for your home the moment you sign the listing agreement.  From installing the “For Sale” sign, to scheduling professional photos and creating a strategic social media campaign, we are constantly working to sell your home.  Our plan is designed to expose as many people as possible to your property from the beginning.  

Before sharing market data, we gather all the information and analyze that data using active listings, pending or under contract and SOLD or CLOSED Properties.  The SOLD and CLOSED are the most important part of determining market value but all play a role. 

Our #1 job as Outer Banks market experts, is to know the inventory, not just our listings, but the entire market.  This is the way we can best advise our clients and successfully complete with other listings to get your home sold fast, for highest price and least amount of problems.  We stay connected and cooperate with agents from all not only the Outer Banks but Nationwide and from feeder markets like Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, DC, New Jersey and New York.

We see the value of your property as seen through the eyes of a prospective buyer, they may have many to choose from in their price range. Our team understands that only a limited number of homes will be sold per year on the Outer Banks, and we want those homes to be our clients homes.



A comprehensive analysis is essential to determining the proper list price for your property. 

The key elements to a proper market analysis:

  1. Location is most important                                    Ocean to Sound

  2. Characteristics of the property                               House Features, Updates

  3. Property Income or Potential                                 Whether rental or not we analyze investment

  4. Similar properties for sale in your area                   Active Listings (our competition)

  5. Recent sales of comparable properties                   Sold Listings  


Variables that affect market value?  

  1. Price Range

  2. Supply and demand (amount of inventory)

  3. Seasonal markets 

  4. Mortgage rates

  5. Condition of the property

  6. Location, Location, Location