Most year round residents know that Fall and Winter on the Outer Banks can bring some of the most gorgeous weather and some of the must unexpected wild and windy days too.  This year has been no different as we toggle between 60 degrees and sunny to fog so thick schools get delayed or winds so strong its time to tie down the basketball goal.  It is not for the faint of heart and all Outer Banks lovers know that with the wild beauty comes unpredictable and uncontrolled mother nature at her best.  It is what I have come to love about where I live and work.  This is why after 16 years of living here, I keep windbreaker, wool blanket and rain boots in my car.....You just never know!  Upon occasion, we chat about the possibility of moving back to the city...Let's be honest, sometimes I miss the conveniences and cultural influences the city can offer.  Just the same, when we drive back over the bridge having taken time to visit Norfolk, Raleigh, Charlotte or even flown to further destinations, I know this is home and cannot imagine living anywhere else.  If you have yet to visit our beaches any other time but the summer..Give it a try.  Explore Nags Head woods, Kitty Hawk Woods...Walk the deserted beaches on a Fall morning or climb Jockeys Ridge for a sunset. Enjoy Christmas Lights in Corolla or the Tree lighting in Manteo with Santa, Hot Chocolate and Yule Tide Carols...You won't be disappointed.  Have a Merry Christmas wherever you call home.