Although recent shark bites have caused a bit of a panic here on the Outer Banks, some vacationers decided they wouldn't let that ruin their stay. The Bergmans constructed what seemed to be steel shark cages that would protect them as they swam in the water. They reportedly loved the reactions from other vacationers ranging from, "These people look crazy and will not be protected in that thing," to, "I want one of those!." Turns out this couple had affixed some plastic and PVC piping to help them illustrate this light hearted joke.

Before the lifeguards "rained on their parade," they were recorded for a spoof on youtube, and photographed by tons of onlookers. They even made it onto their very own post card frolicking in the water hand in hand, encased in the safety of their shark cages as a photoshopped shark fin shown between them. These two know how to enjoy their vacation and help beach goers have a laugh!