It became apparent to me after our first storm experience on the Outer Banks that this community is not new to tough weather.. As I was told years ago, the cost to live in paradise is the higher chance of storm threats.  Our family and friends watched and waited for days watching the path of Mathew.  Somehow, even thought the meteorologists said we were out of the cone, we knew it was no time to let our guard. Thankfully we were prepared and had little damage. Many of our or friends and clients were not so lucky.. The rainwater and overwash with the big culprit and a reminder why we build on pilings.  Dealing with no electricity is always a tough one but locals are used to that inconvenience and even welcome the opportunity to thank the men and women who work tirelessly to get everything back up and running quickly.. Our first responders and front line electricians are welcomed to eat for free at great restaurants.

I get asked from clients every now and then whether going through this makes us want to move.  No way.. this community is strong, kind and's home.  We love it here and love helping people find a place here that they can experience exactly what we have.  Our kids are back to school tomorrow and many businesses are able to get back up and running and the ones that are not we will do all we can to help them recover as quickly as possible.