The OUTER BANKS is finally getting a NEW BRIDGE TO COROLLA?

One of the hottest topics for property owners and guests alike has been the question of the Mid-County Currituck Bridge.  It seems more certain that the wheels of progress are in motion for this to move forward.  Below is a link to the NCDOT timeline for the project to begin and complete.  

Alleviating congestion on Saturdays and Sundays along with providing swifter evacuation routes for thousands, the bridge is finally becoming a reality. In addition to these important issues, the bridge will certainly make travel from the northern routes much quicker and more enjoyable.  The town of Duck will become less congested, access to 4 wheel drive and northern beaches will be easier for owners, guests and employees.

The NCDOT timeline is:

FOR MORE DETAILS- Follow this link to NCDOT website.

NCDOT Bridge Update Link