Well the Mid-Currituck Bridge that connects mainland Currituck to the Northern outer banks of NC has passed another milestone. I have been here for over 20 years and this has been discussed since my arrival, we were expecting it to be started in 2017, but no cigar.  All in all I think it is a great thing for the Outer Banks, if the local leaders keep a tight leash on development and do not allow the sky high mega hotels, not a fan.  

In March the bridge moved one step closer see the below timeline.  The Environmental Impact March 2010, Final Environmental Impact January 2012, Record of Decision March 2019, and yet to be completed are Financial Close, begin construction and finally open to traffic. Hell I will be 70 by the time this happens at this rate. This is also available online, news and updates on the bridge. BRIDGE UPDATE 

While I am excited and think this is a great economic opportunity for Currituck,  I am sure if you have waited in that line to get on the beach for 3-4 hours you will pay whatever they want to charge to cross that bridge, please can I just get there.  I believe there are other things that will ensue. Here are some things that I see could happen.Traffic.....this will increase on a year round basis, Corolla and the 4x4 area would get more traffic.  Convenience.....our little sleepy town could become a bedroom community to Virginia Beach and Norfolk area, WOW live on the OBX and be able to work in a city.  Travel time..... The total travel time will reduce from 2.5 hours to 30 minutes from Corolla to the State line.  Not a bad commute to the Hampton Roads Area. Safety....we will be able to evacuate the Northern beaches if needed for hurricane and storm threats, now this is a pain.  Property Values..... these will definitely increase due to the ease of getting here and the ease of access. Places like The Currituck Club, Ocean Sands, Whalehead, Corolla Light, Crown Point, Pine Island, Pine Island Reserve, Sanderling and others will benefit. Economic.....The inverse positive effect will be increased economic opportunities for small business owners in Corolla, Duck, Kitty Hawk, Nags Head areas, most of the shops in the Northern Outer Banks have to close during the winter.  I support local small businesses and think this is the back bone of the country.

A few negatives that I can see, the added convenience will open the area up to daytrippers from the Va. Beach, Hampton Roads area this will increase the traffic and crowds in the area especially in the spring, summer, fall times of year. Our precious natural place would have much strain on the resources, wild horses, marshes, water fowl, dunes and beaches.  Our beaches 4x4 especially would become more crowded and driving (fast) could cause a dangerous situation. Future Developement, increased density of the housing, hotels, etc. not a fan at all, but I know we are a popular place and many want to come and enjoy it.  We have to be mindful of the negative possible effects of this advance and plan accordingly.

Let me know if there are some businesses you would like me to review or other things you are interested in hearing about. 

Thanks for listening

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