As a resident of the Outer Banks, its easy to go about our weeks, doing our work and passing by all the beauty without really seeing it and appreciating it.  This morning, as Winston and I took a bike ride from Kitty Hawk along the multi-use paths to Kill Devil Hills and reached our destination at the Wright Brothers Monument.  I was immediately smacked in the face with the brilliant panoramic view of the little strip of land we call home, it looks like a big sand bar.  Views of Ocean, Sound, Sand Dunes all around! Seeing a group of elementary kids race around, enjoying the cool wind, I understand what brought the Wright brothers here to begin with and ultimately wound up changing the world with the first powered flight.  This morning I decided I would share with others the things that I love and that we enjoy about the Outer Banks.  While I am not a brilliant writer, I hope it will provide some of you with a nugget or two and perhaps some motivation to get out and explore more of our beaches and natural treasures. So often we overlook the obvious, so whether you live here year round, part-time or a vacationer, we have brilliant natural beauty, fun entertainment and some outstanding restaurants.  Today begins my personal journey to show you "Why I Love the Outer Banks"...More to come...I promise!